Thursday, April 19, 2012

Morning walk

Morning walks are always blissful . Sometimes i click . Sometimes i meet old friends on the way (Avinash) And sometimes I enjoy listening stories by my mother.

Once God decended to earth . HE was very tensed. A man asked HIM the reason. 

HE replied "Where ever I go, you ,humans,follow me , I want some peace of mind from you people. I want to spend sometime with my family. I want to have some life "

Man said " ok, hide yourself in that rusted place"

Few days back , That person saw again God rubbing his forehead , so he again asked HIM .

HE replied "Humans even found me there and made that place as a huge temple , i kept changes my place and they keep on making temples whereever i may roam. I am again pissed off. Any other suggestions ?"

Man said " Ok then go under water "

After few days ,again God met that person.

HE said "Now they even started praying to water, doing holy bath and blah blah stuff"

Man said " ok , then Go and hide yourself in fire"

same thing happened, furstrated God tried fire and then air ,space, rain, animals but all in vain.

Sitting alone at a river side ,looking at the vastness of the sky ,thinking about how his own creation giving HIM a hard time.
Suddenly HE saw the same person coming .HE thought of asking him again but then a thought came to his mind "Each time i ask this person where to hide ,and people find me .After all he is a human, he can't be trusted. May be ,he is the one who always reveal my secret to people and let them find me. Let me try one thing. This time I will hide myself in his soul"

And from then onward God lived happily.

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan 

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