Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dirt cleans off a lot easier than blood

Rajat worked hard for the day so as to deliver his deliverable on time. But with the diminishing light, his mind also needed rest. Rajat closed his eyes and relaxed on his office chair. Weariness overcame him and he slept off. The fatigue made him sleep without any moment for next six hours. Woke up in the midnight, and he looked at the computer. He woke up and it was midnight .Because he was hungry, so he looked around to find something to chew. Being dysphoric as he couldn’t find anything, he was returning to his desk when he saw a chocolate on his desk. Without looking for who kept it, he just opened it and ate that. Once he got some calories, he wondered who kept it but couldn’t find anyone. He filled his water bottle with warm water and sat on his chair. Looked at his code and the clock and prayed god to increase the dimensions of time something like one second becomes one hour and he would get time to finish his project.

                                Before started coding and testing, rajat opened his facebook account. He saw one unread message. Expecting a message from his friend ‘Tannu’, the only girl friend he had. He opened the message. It was from someone unknown person whose id, it was not showing. Rajat read the message. Rajat read and reread the content of the message ‘How was the chocolate? Why you didn’t wake up when I called you before your cab-time? Why do you think I should change the dimension of time for you? Don’t you think say if I change it, it will have severe unforeseen repercussions like say a kid waiting for his mother to feed, will die with hunger; a mother was about to deliver a baby in next couple of hours has to undergo several days of pain due to that; an old widow mother waiting for only son to come after war, has her wait extended and several other cases. If you still think it’s ok, do reply to this message ‘. Rajat checked his mobile, it had several miscalls but the number was not coming on the display. Rajat was flummoxed at the content of the mail. He didn’t reply to the message and closed his FB account and started working.
                                   Worked for another couple of hours, he stood up to stretch his legs and walked toward washroom. He washed his face and pee’ed off. Turned back, he looked at the glass in the washroom. It looked very dirty or some stains of blood. Rajat tried to clean them but was bedazed when he touched the mirror. Mirror was semi-solid or in plasma like. He again touched it but this time it struck with his hand like a jelly. Rajat touched more and found it viscous and succulent. Rajat felt some electric shock and with a jerk he fell unconscious on the ground. When he regained his eyes, he saw huge squirrels around him. Rajat tried to touch one small squirrel baby but it looks sticky. These squirrels were from planet ogo and rajat had been kidnapped by aliens. He was then lying silent and incapacitated. With the growing cancer of silence, rajat’s mind started echoing the verses of the song “The sound of silence”
And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence.

 Then a huge squirrel came, much bigger than a giant mammoth, and pricked Rajat. Rajat shouted and all the squirrels shouted. Rajat yelled “What do you want from me, leave me alone” and all reverted with the same words. Rajat was a bit confused and afraid also as he had listened bad stories about aliens like they cauterize people or drink the blood. He again shouted and all followed him. Rajat looked at the mammoth squirrel, it plugged some hollow pipe inside rajat’s body and a fluid started flowing into his body. Rajat removed the pipe and all looked at him with an awful sight. Rajat found these squirrels needed this fluid for nourishment and they were just giving him the same thinking that he was one of them. Rajat didn’t know what to do as he understood that they didn’t know his language, they were like a child who imitates the words and culture propagated by his parents.      
        Since rajat didn’t have anything to fill his stomach, so he fainted there. Upon regaining his conscious, rajat found himself on the ice slab and with various effulgent pipes which were pumping some kind of fluid into his body. Rajat protested against it but all in vain. He surrendered. Woke up and looked around. He found himself free from cables and pipes. He was sitting on his office chair and everyone was gazing at him. He was unable to recollect anything. Then, his manager told him that he had eaten something psychedelic which had caused this all. He was in this state from past 10 hours.
        Rajat thought it was with those biscuits which he had eaten yesterday and then left for home to take rest. He took some sleeping pills to ease his troubled mind and played Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit song”

And you've just had some kind of mushroom,
And your mind is moving low.
When logic, and proportion, Have fallen sloppy dead.
And the white knight is talking backwards,
And the red queen's off with her head.
Remember what the door mouse said, "Feed your head!"
Feed your head! 

Somehow while turning back, rajat felt some difficulty. Upon removing the shirt, rajat found the marks & scars; he smiled and closed his eyes. 

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan
Stigmata : As per the dictionary , Stigmata means marks resembling the wounds on the crucified body of Christ. In the past many people have experienced this phenomenon. Psychologists consider this as a form of psychosis in which people make marks and then forget them. Some kind of Split personality funda.

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