Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nights of light so soon become Wild and free, I could feel the sun.

Yaak , what a bad taste ? what is this ? why am not able to open my eyes ? what is this vicious material i am in ? looks like someone has kidnapped me and put me in a bag ? why am i not able to shout ? Is it a dream ? Is something else ? Is this hell ? Am i dead ? Did i have overdose of cocaine which in turns has caused the excess of Dopamine , which is causing hallucinations ? Am i crazy ?

These were the questions floating in rajat's mind . He resisted the compactness and tried to stretch his legs . As he tried to stretch his legs and arms , he heard some lady's giggling sound. He thought he had been kidnapped by a group of ladies and  in this cosmopolitan world , may be they would make him a male stripteases . All kind of wired thoughts started coming in his boggled mind . But then he realized that it was lady talking to herself and laughing  at herself. " Voodoo " was the first thought flashed in rajat's mind . He thought that the lady whose voice and laugh piercing his ear drums was a voodoo expert . So kept quite and tried to squeeze himself in that tight bag. Slept and then woke up . As it was so dark and with the voodoo tricks that lady had closed rajat's eyes and mouth , so he had no options than just stretching his legs in and out. Each time he do so , the lady laughed . Then he felt someone's hands on top of the bag in which he was packed . He tried to resist it but he was dumped so well and the viscous semi-liquid surround made his movements difficult. But the touch had a different sensation of its own , it was so enigmatic that he fall asleep . Woke up after a long duration with some bad dream with trembling body. He found that lady was still soothing his body . He was unable to understand about the intentions of the voodoo lady. Then he tried to concentrate the words being uttered by that lady . Rajat realized that it was a rebirth and he was landed in that lady's womb. Things were clearer for him about the noises, the viscous material , the touch and the lady *the mother*. She was speaking to him all the time when he thought of voodoo effect or about the ugly cosmopolitan world . He was happy to start off the life from the scratch . From then he started listening and conversing with his mother .

Mother : Good morning betu. You know today you are four months . I am waiting for you eagerly .I have not told your daddy yet. He is in US and is working as a software engineer there . He will be coming to bangalore in two months .

Rajat : No problem mommy . So what do he do and how does he look like . Does he  as sweet as you ? Does his touch will be enigmatic as your's ?  Yesterday i heard the voice your best friend . She was not happy with me in your life naa. She felt avoided as you spend most of the time with me .

Mother : Naa, she was just mad at something else , she will be the one who will be loving the most . She is my best friend , but not as good as you :-) . Let me tell you two words "I love you".

Rajat : Cheating , these are three words .

Mother : How come you & me are separate , now tell me are these two or three words .

Rajat : Bestow your mommy.

After few days

Mommy : Today i looked up the internet for your names . How is rajat anyways ?

Rajat : I heard somewhere "Sometimes, you want to just slap people. Then you remember, karma hits twice as hard." , and now i know the verity of it .          

Mommy : Yesterday , your daddy called . He confirmed that he would be here in next month . But he might be going back for sometime after one year. May be we both will go with him .

Rajat : You will be with me naa , so why do i need to worry whether we stay here or anywhere .

Mommy : Today i am going to the doctor for checkup .

Rajat : Aaha , in last life i was an engineer , so this time i think i will try be a doctor . Let me see today how doctors look like and how they talk and what they do .


Dad's arrived after a long wait of mommy

Something was wrong with dad. He yelled at mommy , scolded her and let her cry. Rajat was  angry but helpless to do anything.

Its been two days , mother continued crying and didnt love rajat. He was getting envy as he started thinking : why she is crying for a man who doesnt care for her tears ?

 His mother's avoiding rajat was making him furious . He kicked , tried to yell but useless.

After few day

Mother : I am sorry i was busy with something so couldnt talk to you . Your dady was angry that i spend more time with you than him . so i was trying to cope up.

Rajat : Mommy, your tears were truthful than your words . Tell me what happened ? Is it because of me ? I have a pretty bad history . So might be dady came to know about me .

Mommy : Papa will be taking us along with him to US.

Rajat : I dont give a damn. I dont like that man . He made you cry . Dont he know that a man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born & raised in the arms of a queen.

Mommy : ok, sleep , your dady is coming.

Dady came and again he fought with mommy . Actually he wanted to take mommy with him in US , but he didnt want to become a father this early . He tried to convinced mommy of something which Rajat didnt understand . But rajat was sure that it must be something bad as mother left the conversation and went to washroom . Cried and cried with shower on.

Rajat was thinking how unfortunate he was as before his birth only , problems between his parents started. But he was very happy that his mommy love him too much.

Mommy tried to avoid rajat and mommy dady were having good time. They went to good restaurants and Rajat heard melodious piano for the first time . Rajat was happy that things were getting fixed.


Rajat was now eight months .

Today mommy touched him with lots of love.

Mommy (in tears) : You are eight months now . I love you very much.

Rajat : I also love you very much. Now i like dady also because he didnt make you cry now. I am waiting to meet you and cuddle in your lappy mommy.

Mommy : We will go to the doctor today and we will see you.

Rajat : Can i see you mommy ?


Doctor's clinic

Mommy (to rajat's dad) :  Where are we going ? The doctor's clinic is not on this road.

Dady : Dont worry . I took the appointment from some other doctor.

When they reached the clinic , rajat got scared looking at the doctor's clinic . It was full of scissors, long injections and some bottles which contain some fluid with lumps of flesh . But Rajat had full faith on his loving mother so no fear.

After ultrasound , they gave anesthesia to mommy and took her to operation room . Rajat understood the meaning of hell . In scientific terms , its known as  "Partial-Birth Abortion". 

Just FYI , some info about Partial-Birth Abortion :

32 weeks: The fetus sleeps 90-95% of the day, and sometimes experiences REM sleep, an indication of dreaming.

Partial-Birth Abortion

Five steps to a partial birth abortion:
  1. Partial Birth Abortion (click for larger image)Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby's legs with forceps.
  2. The baby's leg is pulled out into the birth canal. 
  3. The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body, except for the head.
  4. Partial Birth Abortion (click for larger image)The abortionist jams scissors into the baby's skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the skull.
  5. The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed.

NOTE : This story is an inspired one, not fully written by me.

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan
Rajat willl never become an engineer nor the doctor in his next several lives.


  1. This was really heavy to take...painfully though, but I am happy that Rajat got release from this world without having to endure it... I hope and pray that he is never born again...cos no matter what stage of life he might be in, agony follows.

  2. Ok read it early morning and the way it's portrayed makes you so sad...the ending was shocking......