Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Dying Moon

Bored with the bareness of the competitive school life and loneliness of the nuclear family , every night Rajat used to go to the nearby forest and sit for a while on the wet grass and looking at twinkling stars. Like everyday , rajat after studying for few hours looked at clock ,it was 2:30am. He put his sleepers and started walking toward the forest . Today the dew was more and whole region was blanketed with fog . It was chilling and Rajat chafed his nose to keep it warm . He reached near the empty ground and sat on the grass . Closed his eyes and then suddenly opened them with a surprise it . Someone patted his back . He turned back and it was his mother . Rajat was not expecting her as its been many months rajat was coming to this place and his mother had never followed him. She asked for rajat's permission to joining him.

Rajat smiled and told her "what kind of question is this mummy , your most welcome"

Mummy : So how many have you counted yet ?

Rajat : what counted ?

Mummy : I thought you come here to count stars
                 Rajat laughed and then placed his head in her lap .She also tousled his hair .

Rajat :  Its been so long i have enjoyed this lappy mummy.

Mummy : So who was stopping you to join us , You only keep yourself into your books and this empty sky . No friends, no t.v , no games . What happened to you suddenly that you changed so much . I thought of asking you this question . But you know each time i start this discussion, you papa will say 'Stop all this non-sense , our kid has grown up , he knows his future lies in the books ; not in wasting time with those street kids' . And each time i think you were better to be with those kids . At least then you would spend time with me like them.

Rajat : Seems like the emptiness and solitude of this place has driven you emotional ,mummy . I am always with you . Just that i also feel what papa ji says is correct . Future lies in the book .

Mummy : Aah , seems like he and you both are correct . Problem is i get too much time at home, so that's why this empty mind gets filled with wandering thoughts.

Rajat : Dont think too much mummy .Worrying is like a rocking chair .It gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere.

Mummy : Very nice . I sometime think you have grown too fast in past one year or so . Suddenly you changed all your habit of playing cricket , collecting match boxes, roaming with those street friends , coming home with moon tracing your path and now you are competing with the competitive students of the class , leaving everything behind. What triggered it ? How come in one year you have acquired this sense of responsibility and learned all these quotes , left all friends , dived deep in studies and living a silent life. It was difficult for me to image one year earlier that something can change you this one and now its difficult to peep into the past. Is it some girl , is something killing you inside or you started taking some drugs ?

Rajat giggled : So many question and yet no answers . Why dont you enjoy this lovely night and dark sky with shining stars ? Wait for two hours or so, you will see Sun coming out of that tree . It really beautiful as Sun start coming out the tree, followed by the tweeting of newly born sparrows on that tree .

Mummy : I will love to see the rising Sun kiddo but currently i am seeing the dying Moon and its fading light.

Rajat : Leave it naa mummy , lets talk about happy happy things.

Mummy : Just tell me what will make you happy ? Are you happy with all this , if yes I will not ask any further question. When you were young , so young that i used to understand from your expressions when you need food and when you wanted to sleep. If i can understand your words , then being a mother , i can understand your silence very well.

Rajat : Mummy , now i have turned into myself and i am sure i will adapt it . It might look odd , but i think its better . Papa is happy with my scorecards, i have many friends in the class now , teachers don't call you to school often , and anyways India has won the cricket world cup this year so now for next ten fifteen years , everyone wants to be Sachin and there will be huge competition in that field . Engineering and related field will have some slot for me .And once I will grow up , then i will download Disney hour all seasons and watch it in one go , take PTO's (Paid Time Out) for playing cricket and have a beautiful girlfriend also just like you  :-) . That's a promise . Now please smile .

Mummy : I wish that comes true . Now try to sleep for a while . The fragrance of flowers and the wet grass has started spreading in the air now .

Rajat : But nothing smells better than mummy . I dont know but whenever i used to come to this place , i used to feel something missing . And today i found , that's the smell of mummy's lap .
                       Rajat closed his eyes and had a dreamless sleep after a long time .

When he woke up, mummy had left the place . And the Sun was struggling to come out of the black clouds . With a smile , Rajat started walking toward home.

Upon reaching home, he saw a huge gathering in front of the home and mourning sounds filled the air. He smelled his shirt and could feel the presence of his mother . And he went directly to his room. Not even a single tear rolled down and a never ending silence followed.

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan


  1. the twists and turns of your stories are full of surprises....sad or happy they may be, they are your signatures and gr8 ones too :)

  2. As always character is surrounded by baffled minds. His mother is confused at the sudden change in character of his son but she is still with him. Thats very motherly.
    Mother once again is angelic in portrayal

  3. Thanks Nivedita :-)

    Pushpam dada , while writing it , i was thinking of two deaths . One of the child which happened prior of her mother death . But then i got entangled in the paradox of who died first : was it the mother or was it the child ?
    No questions on the motherhood of the mother and now questions on the stillness of the child's mind , but the rising entropy of the characters is creating the turbulence's in my mind . Hope we will find many more stories once we met in this world or the second world