Saturday, June 4, 2011

“Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other.”

Rajat was sitting in a library reading an old half torn book on voodoo & occult. Sipping green tea from his thermos flask and smoking a cigar made of Colorado leaves. Evening was getting old and darkness was slowly and slowing dispersing in every corner of the library . It was an old library half demolished and half not nourished in the outskirts of the New york city , which was once known to be the Gotham city .Once upon a time , rajat along with his classmates used to come to this library everyday but now with time , he was left alone continuing this quotidian reality . Now rajat's routines had been restricted to this library and cooking , while the whole world is busy with social networking and merry-making .
                    Aah, the whole silence of the library was broken with the noise of someone's steps .Stunned with the noise, rajat looked up. A blonde of nearly half his age wearing a yellow saree and carrying a kitten in a small basket was standing in front of him.Her entry was as iridescent as a prism in a morning room . It was a different scene as even now-a-days in India , one doesn't find girls wearing saree in such a descent manner and expecting an English woman doing it was a bit shocking for Rajat also. She asked for some book . Rajat stood up with some difficulty as he was sitting on the same posture from past 6 hours . She held rajat's hand and helped him in walking. He picked up the book from the rack and gave to her . The book was covered with dust so he cleaned it with his handkerchief.
                   Again the library got filled with silence till next two hours , until the sound of the pendulum broke their reading spell . Full Moon had replaced the Sun and Stars had conquered the sky with their twinkling shine. Rajat asked the lady to leave as he had to close the library and leave for home. She wanted to ask something to him but he seemed disinterested in all talks so she left silently. He also shut the doors and left.
                 Next day she came a bit early and again she asked for the same book and the same procedure of helping rajat . That routine continued for three days . On the fourth day , she was waiting at the desk near the library as its just dawn . Rajat came and opened the locks with anguish as he had now became habitual of sitting alone in the library and that lady had started breaking his loneliness now-a-days. She went straight to the rack and picked up the book. She came on the table rajat was sitting and sat directly opposite to him. It was difficult to break his concentration when he was reading something so he didn't notice her .After he finished his reading , he saw the lady staring him . He asked her the reasons but she didn't answer anything other than a smile. This went for two hours and then she asked rajat about his family . Rajat answered that he never had any family . She kept on asking personal questions to him and he keep moving off the topic. She asked rajat about his first love . Rajat replied he didn't remember him falling in love with anyone . She kept putting the same set of questions and he also kept answering the same answers. But at last he replied with some deviation from his prior answers .
                            On her question about his first Kiss, he replied that it was funny . After uttering this , both started laughing . She asked him to tell something more about the kiss . He replied that all he remember was when he was fifteen , she was either younger or older than him as he really didnt remember . They both were enjoying ice-cream sitting near Hudson river during a sunny day . He after finishing his ice cream , wanted a share from her ice-cream but she was not agreeing . He asked her to look at flying birds and as soon as she looked at them he tried to lick the ice cream but she also understood his intentions at the last moment .She flicked her face and suddenly instead of the ice cream , their lips were in contact . And the world paused . The kiss was that enchanting that rajat slowly and slowly took the ice cream from her hand and then ran away .
        Telling this rajat stopped his words and opened his eyes. Finding the lady in the library laughing at him , he reverted with a smile . She asked for more but rajat replied with the same answer of  'not remembering anything more than this'. For next one hour , the lady kept looking at him and laughing at the story. The sun was ready to say Good bye for today . She picked up her bag and looked around for Rajat . Rajat had gone to washroom . She left a letter on Rajat's table and left.
                         Rajat came back and finding her not there looked here and there . But couldn't find her for next fifteen minutes, so went to his seat . He looked at the letter . He quickly opened it  and after reading the letter , he sat down and slept on the chair. In the letter , it was written :

"I am your daughter ,Little Janny , who has grown this much and has learned to wear saree . And the lady whose ice-cream you ate was none other than my mother. I know you really don't remember anything and you were not lying of all the question I asked you but I am happy that you still have some of the happy memories of your life. I just came to see you and I wont come from tomorrow.

Janny " 

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan


  1. A momentary relapse into the fleeting past...nice story..Rajat's present loneliness makes me wonder whether its good to remain alone for the rest of the life so that one doesn't feel the pang of it later on...else a sudden burst of loneliness can be brutal.

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  3. Rajat's loneliness is the pictorial view of a part of everyone . Remember Loneliness and non-attachment are two different things. Its similar like the saying "Being still and doing nothing are two very different things."
    So i will say prefer 'non-attachment' over being loneliness as non-attachment will help us to stay away from the miseries of life . As per Astavakra Gita , this universe exits because we exist, once we attain the knowledge of the self and we realize there is nothing 'i' in 'i' , then this universe will vanish . I prefer rajat away from the delusions of the world , but he was never alone. He had his books in the library, he had the friends in the darkness, he had better life in an asylum .He has memories, he has knowledge . He knows how to share his happiness and how to end his sufferings . He knows Christopher Mccandless's quote "Happiness is real when shared" and he knows "sharing doesn't mean sharing with tangible objects" .

  4. great and very sensitive....I noticed the ending is always surpising in your stories...


  5. very sweet storyline. espicially the innocence of girl trying to impress Rajat. Thats very sweetly portrayed. good work