Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Last Wish

Rajat parents were frustrated with his sudden decisions and his obsession of death . Yes, thats right . Obsession of death , Everday , every hour, every second Rajat polled for death .Its not  because he had some issues in his life. Its because he had lost the charm of life . He thought Death might help him . But the fear that if there is some thing like rebirth then again he would be in the sick cycle of life and death .He used to nonplussed by the thought of rebirth. He always wanted a pristine death . So he started reading a lot about different ways of attaining it . Death was something which fascinated him more than anything in his life. Atlast he was able to get the easiest way out . He injected the fluid inside his body .

And went to his roof top . Looking at stars and talking to several faces within the clouds , he was able to see his family members and friends. He said last good bye to everyone . Now the fluids had started impacting his mind , his body was becoming more and more stiffer . He was unable to open his eyes and even breathe in . He closed his eyes and stopped breathing . Sooner he saw fire all around . He had heard about hell . and now it was his time to be a part of it. But he was still smiling. He walked toward the fire without any fear. As soon as he started crossing that path full of fire, his skin peeled off like a bark. 

Once he crossed fire , it became difficult for him to drag his half burnt body , but he saw a bridge which connects a fire zone with the next level and both these regions were separated with deep dudgeon .He thought of stepping on the bridge and crawl on it . But then he decided to jump into the abyss . It was an abyss with an unfathomable darkness  and no end. His body keep on floating and it was a free fall. All this body parts started breaking into pieces . Still his mind was working . He was now without any fear , his mind was flushed off all the thoughts . He was continuously falling down . Now darkness had shaded himself so much that he was not able to see the darkness.

Suddenly there was a splash of white light .  It was so immense that he was not able to open his eyes. He started hearing some new voices. He tried opening his eyes and move his body but it was damn difficult. Someone he managed to open small aperture of  his eyes, he saw a doctor and lots of people around . But to his surprise , he didnt know anyone nearby and was also not able to understand their language . It took few seconds for him to realize that he has been fucked up . It was a rebirth . He started crying loudly . After a long time , he had cried in this way , he cried and cried and everyone near him laughed at his cries .

Silence Prevails,
Aditya deadpan


  1. ye kya hua?? rajat mar gaya ?? not so soon...

    there ae still a lot more aspects of rajat's life not shared with audience..

    chalo honi ko kaun taal sakta hai..hope in this rebith rajat will be a happy soul who is fascinated by life and not death..

  2. Its better that Rajat died with all the aspects of his life . Audience can only audit them and mock at them .
    Rajat is happy with the lessons of his past life and new lessons . His new family has given him this lesson on the first day of his life

    t tốt hơn để giữ cho mình hơn để chứng minh cho người khác và sau đó giả về bạn .. một mình và không có mối quan hệ .. không có em gái, không có mẹ, không có cha .. chỉ có bạn và bạn

  3. One of the best posts ever superbly u described the cycle of birth and death ( did not write death-birth coz birth is the beginning of death :) ).

    Now I know why babies cry..coz they are given back their f***ed up life as their birthday present :D