Sunday, May 8, 2011

If you want to shine like sun, first you will have to burn like it -Adolf Hitler

Sheetal Bhat on Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009 had an encounter with a kid on the bus stop and below is the discussion and I had some similar experience on May 9, 2011.

Waiting in line at a taco stand for my number to be called
I started talking to a six-year-old kid kicking his little foot against
A curb and waiting for his dad to come out of the bathroom.
                And he said, “Why do you cough so much?”
                And I said, “Because I have cancer.”
                And he said, “Bummer.”
                And I said, “Yep.”
                And he said, “Does it hurt?”
                And I said, “Only when I breathe.”
                And he said, “Why don’t you hold your breath?”
And I puffed out my cheeks like Lois Armstrong and
Let him see it and held it for as long as I could
Before exploding into a hacking eruption of
Stupid sounds and saliva.
                And he laughed.
                And I coughed and laughed.
                And he said, “Feel better?”
                And I said, “A bit.”
And I showed him how much better with my
Thumb and index finger. And pointed at a green thread
of mucous that had dribbled out onto my chin
                He said, “Gross.” And wiping it off
                I said, “Yep.”
                And he said, “My granddaddy had cancer before he died on the hospital.”
                And I said, “You mean in the hospital?”
                And he said, “Yeah on the hospital.”
                And I said, “Oh, yeah?”
                And he said, “He used to give me candy all of the times I ever saw him.”
                And I said, “Sorry kid, I don’t have any candy.”
                And, deflated, he said, “Are you gonna die on the hospital?”
                And I said, “You mean in the hospital?”
                And he said, “Yea, are you gonna die on the hospital?”
                And I said, “Probably.”
                And he said, “OK.”
And, upon giving that gracious consent, the boy’s dad came out and
The boy said, “Well, bye!” And I said, “See ya.”
And he ran off.
And, for a while, between the two of us,
Dying became so very ordinary, like candy or tacos or semantics,
And death itself suddenly just this obnoxious third-wheel
A pitiful nuisance with nothing better to do with his time
Than to tag along with me and this six-year-old kid.
And I sat smiling in the sun and imagining death at the moment,
A sad sack of lonely-self slumped somewhere in the distance,
As I waited for my number to come up.

                          And I replied sheetal's encounter with one quote in the reply mail "Acrophobia is not fear of height , but is the fear that we are gonna hit the ground :-)"

Today for few minutes , I went through a Deja Vu . 

Every morning my cab picks me from my stoppage and every day I watch an old lady , i must say a gracious old lady , in her mid 50's . From her dress up, an immaculately starched cotton saree and a stiff body with not dyed hair , i always felt her to be an english teacher (Somehow patten matching did its job , i had a teacher named "Sharma ma'am" in my Talwara school ). Somehow I always had a urge to talk to her , dont know the reasons for that. Today was my day . I was waiting for my cab and then cab driver called and said that they were struck in traffic and it would take then 20 minutes to reach. I decided to wait on the stoppage. 

Suddenly that lady came on the stoppage along with few kids  and was also waiting for their bus. I told her that about the traffic and their bus also might get delayed. One small girl child was accompanying her . I started talking with her .

Kid asked me about my profession.
I said "I kill people, I am here to eradicate Human race , i am from planet ogo" . 

That lady started laughing  and said "Aren't you a software professional, looks like from your bag that you are carrying laptop" . 

But rather than answering her question , i was interested in the kid's response. 

Kid asked : why do you kill people ? 
I replied  : Because they want to die . I take contracts on my laptop from the people who want to die . 
Kid asked : why they want to die ?
I replied : Say foreg , your dad gives you a Toy . How long will you play with it ? After sometime you want a new toy naa 
Kid said : Yes, you know I have many toys , yesterday also I bought a new one.
      She mentioned one specific cartoon name , which i didn't understand but i shook my head with a long "yeahhh, thats awesome"

I replied : Similarly since you get fed of with old toys and need new one. So for bigger people, life becomes a toy, this body in which their soul resides becomes a dress. And sooner or later they get fed of with it . 

I continued : Then they send me a mail saying that we need a new body And I go and kill them . 

Kid with glazed eyes looked at the teacher and then me and then said : So they become stars and never come back. My parrot also died , did you kill him ?

I was groping for words and that lady was now smiling .

I replied : Yes , few months back I got a mail from your parrot . He was bored with his body and wanted me to give a new body . So I had to kill him.

Kid asked : How does his new body looks like  ?
     I was thinking now i am getting convoluted within my own queries :-) and that lady was still smiling.
I out of the bloom said : Your teacher knows because after I freed your parrot from his body , i gave his soul to your teacher.

Teacher looked at me in a stunned face . 

I was happy that now is my time to talk with her. I asked "ma'am , are you an English teacher ?" . 
Teacher replied : No, i am a philosophy teacher . I teach theology.
       That was another explosion for me . Discussing death and killing with a philosopher , thats like teaching OS to kakkar da . 

I was silent for few minutes , thinking how to change the topic and praying for my cab to come as soon as possible. 

Teacher said to the kid : Disha, tell uncle the story of Nachiketa .

I asked : Ma'am, Nachiketa story was a part of hindoo mythology , how come you teach this is theology . 
Teacher replied : Kids dont understand any religion and they have their own religion of fun, games and stories. 

         My cab came and i had to leave the conversation . Now I know every reason to talk with that lady everyday , conditional everyday our cab struck in traffic :-) and I will be able to listen the story of Nachiketa from that kid.

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan
कमबख्त 'जिंदा' भी देख सकता था नज़ारे इस जहां के, कि अश्कों के दर्पण में आज भी एक चेहरा खामोश दिखाई देता हैं  !!


  1. great writings..but beware of telling people that u are a death merchant...Osama ka bhoot abhi bhatak raha hai to take revenge pple might confuse ;)

  2. so....Mr merchant..any new deals in ur basket :)