Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Three things can't be hidden: coughing, poverty, and love."

" Mein ghanto aakash mein udti patango(Kites) ko dekh sakta tha ,unche aashman mein ,hawa ki lehron par nachtee , bayfikar. Kabhi pass aati , kabhi jagharti ,tho kabhi ek dusare se aisi lipat jati ki manno kabhi alag nahi hongi . Par woh bhool jati hai ki jab bhi do patange bahut deer tak ek saath udti hain ,tho aksar ek ko kat kar alag hona hi padhta hai .  "  Lines from Kites Movie

Rajat was retired seven years back and from that time , he went to his village at the ghats of Ganga . From past one year , he was all alone in that ancestral home and counting his days to meet his wife Neha in heaven or hell .

He woke up with the sounds of rain , thundering clouds and tidal waves of Ganges. It was 3:45am in the morning . Rajat tried hard to keep his eyes closed and going back in his dreams but just by turning sides didn't help . He woke up and started writing his diary. That thunderous rain suddenly took him in the abyss of his past moments. 

 It was his college days , rajat was riding his Yezdi Roadking on the road to home. The road was empty and silent and The sun had packed up its baggage and was leaving giving the control to the broken moon. In that diminishing light , rajat saw a girl from his college walking alone. Showing human gestures, rajat stopped the bike and offered a lift to that lady . Its been one year both were in one class and as both were quite introvert so they never had talked before. The girl gave a nasty look to rajat and refused as if he had passed some slanderous remark on that lady Rajat said "Its getting dark ma'am and its a lonely road, and don't worry I wont take any advantage of you being a lady , you can note down my bike number and send sms to your dad if you are so scared". Rajat was in humorous mood, but she was not. She angerly refused. Rajat thought why he was wasting time in bother him and her also but as his usual dialogues he said "tho theek hai , mar jaa dhoob kee phir . Mein jata hu". And he left.

Next day as usual rajat came to the class with one notebook and a pen. As he approached his desk in the class , he saw that lady sitting on the seat . He thought why creating any scene so he went to the empty benches few steps away . After the class, rajat went to canteen and was having his lunch when that lady came to his table and sat there. He decided to ignore her but she yelled at him "Kya keh raha tha kaal 'mar jaa dhoob kee' tameez naam ki cheez nahi hai , ek tho akeli ladki ko sham ke time pareshan karta hai aur uppar se aise bolta hai ". Rajat was silent and just looked his surroundings , everyone was looking at him. He picked up his plate , She again yelled "Kya hua , aap gighi baj gayi , kaal tho baada muh parh parh kar bol raha hai". He put his plate down and left the canteen. After that , rajat didn't face that lady for few days . 

Until one day , it was raining like cats and dogs, drunkards and dragons .Rajat loves the rain so he was riding his bike like a free bird flying under the vast sky. On his way , he saw again the same lady under a tree trying to protect herself from torrential rain. He spoke to himself "No no, not this time god ji" . He applied the breaks near the tree and said "aab chalo gi yaa bolu 'Mar jaa Dhoob kee' " . And then for next 33 years , everyday that lady sat behind rajat's bike until last year when Neha died due to a heart attack . 

" I want to fly
With you tonight
let me enjoy this moment
kites in the sky
soaring together
lover forever
forever is a lie "

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan


  1. Sweet story of life fulfilled life...nice one :)

  2. opening lines of kites are so wonderful it everytime it is said.
    nice and simple story line..loved it..