Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The little things

This post is going to be different in two primary ways. One, you would not hear via my alter ego (precious Nina), yes! I'll speak :). Two, this post is going to be a happy one :D ( I know...Nivedita and positive :O , is she kidding ).Well, I thought lets give it a try, plus I feel positive since I am at sweet home :).

I would like all of you to try an exercise (don't worry, it ain't going to burn your carbs)- Close your eyes, think of the most vivid, happy memory that comes to your mind, which was NOT accompanied by any other thoughts of apprehensions/doubts/negativity or any kind. A thought of pure bliss, a state of pure happiness. Stay with this thought for a little bit, and then slowly come back to the real world.

Now, I don't know about you, but for me this exercise just took me back by a couple of minutes, when; seeing that my parents have retired to other rooms of the house; I switched off
the main power supply of the TV in the drawing room, switched off all the lights over there and came back to my room and sat down in front of my computer. After sometime, I heard my parents back in the drawing room, apparently my mom still wanted to watch something in the TV, seeing the power supplies turned off, she told my dad, " she has become very responsible and attentive to details, had left everything in proper condition before leaving the area.." . I heard from my room, a thoughtless, spontaneous smile trickled down my cheeks, all I could do was reply back "I have forgotten to switch off the mosquito repellent", mom told its okay as if to assure that no other person in the world could have done the deed better than me. This little happy incident was worth fighting for a year full of crappy stuff. This was the easiest and least hard-earned smiles.

You may think I am crazy, but it is these little things that make life bearable. And I assure you its all because of the people around us that we feel an extreme amount of gratitude for our stupid little lives.

Albert Einstein had said- "don't tie your life to a person, tie it to a goal"- but at some juncture of your life gets tied to a person (or several persons ). Goal to keep the promise of a deceased loved one, acting under the instructions of parents, to impress a special person, or just to live-up to a role model, in all ways we are tied to people.

This is very trite and old stuff, but the fact that I realized it makes it special ;-).

Feel free to share your memories through the exercise :)


  1. Thanks for such a nice post . You made my day.

    I tried your exercise with background situations : Sitting all alone in my room with all windows close, shut down the fan and any source of minute noise . Closed my eyes and let me mind traverse through the link list of series of events for the happiest moment and as always the pointer points to a moment : Me sitting on the top of the holy mountain 'Arunanchala' and looking at tiny world from there , cool breeze soothing my soul and I am feeling as 'jonathan' : free from thoughts , free from everything, just pure me .

    Thanks thanks thanks nivi .

  2. Thanks for sharing such a nice memory :) Jonathan, the best Jonathan...I guess, sometimes all we need to do to be happy is to go home :)

  3. very true...trust me i hv tried doing it many times and it works..
    Talking to self always works..