Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pregnant Silence

A journey started on the day of Maha shivratri to the periphery villages . Alone in the journey with a water bottle and two pack of cokkies and a coffee satchel. Rajat just wanted to put some colors into his life so he was on his mission to capture some colors from bucolic surroundings. Got down from the bus to an unknown stoppage , he started walking toward a hamlet in the outskirts . Rajat had to cross a lonely railway line . He sat on that railway track for sometime , trying to listen the voices of the spirits of those who had died on that track ;-). Walked off the tracks and reached the hamlet . Rajat was feeling tristy so knocked a home with a thatched roof. An old lady opened the door , grey-haired lady in her mid seventies , with straggling hairs and discolored teeth She looked feeble and harmless but she had an anger in her eyes against the GOD who made her poor . .Suddenly the train also rattled along the track. Rajat asked for water with the language of symbols and expressions . She gave a glass of water and rajat asked for some more to fill his empty bottle. The house was pretty empty with just one broken bed and few vessels . Looking at the spacious emptiness , lines of Jagjit singh's song started echoing in his head .

Kabhi Ansoo Kabhi Khushi Bechi

Hum Gariboo ne Bekasi bechi

Chand saasnein Kharidne ke liye

Roj thodi se zindagai bechi

 Had some rest and then starting climbing the hill, full of evergreen forests of the Nilgiri Range . The view was awesome as green trees , long throny and horny bushes and a huge lake at the bottom of the hill and sunny sun . Rajat kept his one eye on the view because we wanted to color his soul with the colors of nature and other on the narrow pathways. Now the Sun had also tried of being sunny so it starting going back into the woodlands and in between the curvature of hills ;-) . Rajat had some cookies and swallowed a spoon of coffee with some water. It tasted horrible but rajat had a habit of it . With a short nap under a tree and then started again climbing up . Now the sun had slept of and stars were twikling in the sky and he had still not left the hope of reaching to the top of the Hill. Suddenly Rajat saw a herd of jackels but they didn't hear any sounds from rajat side and he didn't want to take any unnecessory risks. So he slowly  climbed a tree and a decided to rest for the night there. With the first ray of the sun , he started toward his goal. At nearly afternoon, he reached the top of the hill and too his surprise , there was a temple and a small pond of water . Rajat drank the water without thinking of the hygiene factor and has some Imli to satisfy his hunger . An immense feeling of winning was running through his spine as if he had climbed Mount Everest but that feeling of prestine joy was amazing and has kept him alive till now .

Silence Prevails ,
Aditya Deadpan

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