Friday, February 11, 2011

The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences.

Shalu was busy in dreaming dreams when her mother woke her up to get ready as some family was coming to see her for marriage. She was not in a mood to again go back through the same procedural calls . There was something going inside her mind. She had seen some crazy dream and she didn't want to forget that. She got up and wrote in her diary. Quickly she dressed up and her mother did all makeup and fooding arrangements .The other party was quite punctual. After all, the boy had just passed from IMA (Indian Military academy). Family started asking same old question and Shalu kept nodding her head . Then family left her and boy alone to talk for a while . He had good sense of humor with which he kept on answering Shallu's tricky questions in simple terms . Then suddenly something struck into shallu's head . She went inside and brought her diary. She asked that guy to tell her the meaning of her dream , she started reading her diary :

"A snow desert with no vegetation all around .I was sitting on a floating piece of ice and and reading a book . Suddenly i heard some sounds and saw some my childhood friends playing on another floating piece of ice. I called them but they were not able to hear me . and then I woke up "

Boy looked up , raising his temples and after rubbing his head for two minutes and abruptly said 

"Do you really want to know the meaning of the dream Because I don't know the meaning .But i can assure you that I will make sure your friends listen your voice next time when you call them" .

Both looked each other and kept looking with a silence all around and their family members came in.

Question : What do you think, whether shallu had said "Yes" for the boy or "NO" for him ? 

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan 


  1. well dogra..i must say...ur trivia s are getting complex day by day..
    anyways...i will say...she may have said yes to him...

  2. Haha... looks like a poll is on!!

    I liked the answer from the prospective groom. Yes or No depends on what she interpreted from his answer :)

  3. Nice very nice...I think she would have said yes...