Monday, February 21, 2011

Two chambers of my mind : Nothing left on its right and nothing right on its left

This is not a story or a anecdote . Its a confession of a dangerous mind , confession of a virulent mind , confession of my mind.
Starting it with the lines of a beautiful song which is continuously playing both in my laptop and my mind  

"jaage hain der tak, hamen kuchh der sone do 
thodee see rat aur hai, subaah toh hone do 
aadhe adhure khwab jo pure naa ho sake
ek bar phir se nind me woh khwab bone do "

But somewhere the memory has been corrupted and naa tho nind hai naa tho khwab naa hi khwabo ke beejh hai jisse hum bonne de . Sometimes I tried Bhang and sometimes long talks with friends , but something bad happened two days back which is haunting me everywhere. It was lovely Sunday morning . After having a lonely sound-ful night , i woke up again in the same world :-(. I was about to get my daily breakfast i.e corn flakes when i realized that i need to get some sugar from market. Went out and got it. Decided to transfer it first in a jar . While putting it in the jar , small amount fall on the ground. I didn't care for it and went on enjoying my breakfast . After three four hours , when I came to kitchen again I saw ants all around.They were struggling for those small sugar pieces. I , out of my mind , threw water at them . Soon i saw sugar was melted in water and all ants started dying as it was soap water. I tried saving some ants but all died. I sat there only and looked at that , they were hundred in numbers and I killed them all. Now whenever i close my eyes , i see those ants dying . 

I know most of you think what a crapy thought but fact is I killed them all . God ji will make me replay for it , I am not afraid of the punishment but I am just thinking how its going to make those ants alive .They were doing nothing wrong , neither was there eating sugar had any impact on me but why i killed them . 

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan 


  1. This is because our "superior" human-minds are hard coded to think of other beings as chicken-shit (no chicken shit..any shit is better than human shit :-) )...I have learnt to loosen the wires of my brain by thinking b4 acting...but I do kill a mosquito if it stings me :)..try that..practice

  2. what replay and all man....i am the GOD ..i get to decide...what do u do in ur next term...not some other tom dick and at ease....u have the mighty god as ur friend...u r exempted from all such is the exemption list:

    7 humans in a day
    500 animals in a day
    30000 insects in a day

    enjoy the privilege...and dont exceed the limits otherwise i will be forced to act...

  3. God, you forget that our mission on this earth is not to eradicate insects or animals . How many times I have to remind you that i am from planet Ogo, part of an intellectual elite, preparing to subjugate the barbarian hordes on Pluto.Our mission is to eradicate the human race from this earth . Looks like you had lots of fruitcake yesterday night God . Have fun .