Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sometimes the silence is the loudest cry for help.

A puffed morning as it had been another horrible insomniac night for Rajat. Waiting for his Cab , some people call it as 'Shuttle' also , may be because they believe office is a different world at all . Cab came at its right time and they moved on. He was reading a book 'Invisible patterns' which was about a small boy who remembers a past life. Deep in the thoughts of Harsh, the main character of the story , Rajat looked outside the window on the never tiring traffic and voracious dreams on the road. Suddenly a bike overtook their cab on which a ten years old girl was holding her dady . Rajat smiled at the way she was holding him and she replied rajat with a beautiful innocent smile . Rajat was feeling too good as after many day someone had reverted him a smile and that too a pure smile. They drove ahead as rajat's cab got struck with a Red signal .Again back to the world of his story and melodious music from his ipod , their cab started moving on the road again. Suddenly a huge traffic jam , Rajat's driver peeped outside and asked someone in local language of what happened . The stranger answered "Some accident of a bike" . Listened this , a sudden fear crippled Rajat's body and he opened the door and jumped out of the slow moving cab. With some minor bruises, Rajat relentlessly ran toward the accident spot and trying to make out his way among the gathered crowd. His heart rammed hard against his ribs and in his mind he was reciting "Gayatri Mantra" and constantly praying to god , much more faster than his breathe , about the wellness of that kid if it would be their bike. With shivering hands , he was pushing people away and finally he reached the epicenter of the accident. Unfortunately, it was the same bike but good thing was kid was not hurt. Blood was gushing out from her father's right hand and with his left hand he was holding the kid tightly and softly . She was frantically silent and Rajat could see the trauma in her eyes . Rajat was happy that nothing major had happened but certain thoughts had engulfed his mind. He was thinking of sudden horrification of an angelic smile. Then ambulance came and took that person and kid . Rajat came back where his driver was waiting . Darkness was surrounding his thought process and sitting mutely on the back seat of the cab , he was thinking of the wormholes . He closed his eyes and prayed God to take him through a wormhole so that he could have kept that kid's smile intact.

Silence Previals,
Aditya Deadpan

Wormholes are shortcuts by which you can travel between parallel universes faster than a beam of light would be able to if it has to move through a curved space-time ... A worm can get to the other side of an apple faster by eating his way through it rather than crawling around it.


  1. kya baat hai janab...full physics laga di aakhir main.....anyways...who is this guy rajat.....or his nick name is dogra....just guessing....btw...nice story..jam ke lih rahe ho aajkal:)

  2. Thanks dude . Rajat is not Dogra. He is a perfect man , perfect as per my expectations.

    Bhat saheb , I was expecting a different response from you . I thought you will say ki : Rajat ki band baji hui hai , Cab miss hoti hai tho bus mein pickpocketing aur Cab milti hai tho hearing the loudest cry ...

  3. Wonderful post. You made thought move. Loved it.

  4. After reading it, the concept of Donnie Darko flowed into my mind. Parallel universe and wormholes are an engrossing concept but they are abstract to always has been the case with me that the things I can't experience remain obtruse to me.