Sunday, February 13, 2011

One may sometimes tell a lie, but the grimace that accompanies it tells the truth

This inception of this story when Rajat was in the first year of my college. Rajat was one of the freshers who broke down into tears in his ragging not because of beating or because working out but when his seniors used some fowl language (and now Rajat is having patents of several abusive words ;-)). While he looked around his college, he saw seniors doping with several weeds or dumping themselves with alcohol where as few were very serious about studies. Since he had never such culture of doping and drinking , he started hating those class of people . It was in his freshers party , he asked one of his seniors XYZ for some Guru-Mantra.

[ A brief into about XYZ : XYZ was most famous senior from his family (family means state) because he did a lot of job for the college like initiating Cine fest for students, introducing student intervention in the training and placement cell and lot more. But during the ragging , XYZ had asked Rajat to wake him up at 4:30 am in the morning . And as Rajat used to go there for wakeup call, as soon as XYZ used to wake up, he used to start his day with a shot of neat wiskey. So that was a mojor reason why Rajat never liked that guy instead of all good work]
                             As XYZ knew that Rajat never liked those who dope and those who drink, so he said :
"Try to remain in a company of those who drink, who smoke , who dope . I am not saying you should do it . But remember behind everything , there is a reason. Try to understand the reason or problem and then try to find solution of those problems But beware 'keep those solutions in your mind '. Don't become Mother Teresa. The reason i am telling you this is because you will find that about 80% of so called bad souls are not really bad . They are weak , they are less determined and if you peep  inside them you will find reasons for everything(why they are weak , when they lost their determination power). There are 20% of this category who really don't have any reasons for doing it . This approach has two benefits : one you will find that these people are much better than others (not always) and the second is , whenever in your life you face same problem which they had faced, you will know whats the solution and how to come out of the spiral. "

Rajat took it serious . Already he had friends who started doing all these and he became a member of such group. He also became a part of that group , not by being like them but just by listening all their Tech Talks , all their views and visions . And he found that XYZ was right to a large extent . He found better friends in that group than in the elite class of the intellectuals.

Story doesn't stop here :

Rajat had an uncle in his hometown ,whose whole world revolves around his mother. And most important he was considered as an outcast because he used to drink a lot and then scold or beat his family members (infact i never liked his family members as they used to treat his mother with no respect). Last time when Rajat went home, his family in deep distress told him that his uncle mother died. His family was not depressed by his mother's death but by the fact that when his uncle came to know about his mother's death, the first thing he did was, he took a bottle of whiskey and drank it . And then when people came to mourn , he was not in his senses .

After listening the whole episode, that night rajat couldn't sleep because in his mind , his uncle has done nothing wrong. According to Rajat , his uncle was as pious as a temple's priest , as pious as every sane person in this world. After some days , when again his family started the same topic and mentioned that uncle as some satan , rajat got offended because deep in his mind, he could relate his uncle's approach to nothing different than other saints of the world.

Query : Rajat still doesn't find any difference in his uncle's act of drinking alcohol during that trauma event and Rajat's satisfying himself with caffeine shots whenever he gets hit with something expected . Doesn't know whether what he thinks is correct or what this sane world thinks is correct ?? or There's no right, there's no wrong, there's only popular opinion.

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan    


  1. i wouldn't support the beating of his wife...but other than that...I too am pretty much in a confusion...

    True, I have a ready made answer and it goes like this:- Drinking is not something that will solve a problem, bring his mother will just provide a temporary refuge, nothing long-term.

    But if I contend myself with such an opinion then I would deprive myself from sounding intellectual, smart, philosophical and sophisticated ;-).

    But why is Rajat thinking about justifying the behavior...??...Best thing I have learned is to let people be as they want to and not interfere with their affairs unless explicitly asked to.

    This might not be the answer you would have expected but frankly speaking I have turned cold in people's matters...

  2. Good , so you have learned "being political correct".

    I am not justifying his behavior of beating his wife but i still find his unruly behavior toward his family not that bad as his family showed cold shoulder toward his mother. Its simple it you just pinch the most sensitive vein , impact will be huge.

    Rajat is it self confused , not because why he is justifying as he thinks he can see some good in that uncle , something common in both of them. But the confusion is whats right and whats wrong.

  3. I guess so, I have started caring about political correctness...after all I have to learn something from life may it be wrong...

    As for the part of right and wrong..I have to agree with you- "nothing is right nothing is wrong" its all relative...

  4. The title of the post still intrigues me..:)