Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Introduction to "An unending vacation"

A huge migration. Refugees of state within the same state. A fade morning in a remote village. A well concrete built house under threat with the inmates having absolutely no inkling of the incoming moments. Highly skewed ratio of populace. Thunderous political turmoil engulfing the minds of the locals, intimidating them, forging new ideologies in the old crucibles. Developing new iconographies and erasing the old ones. Reverberating rebellious slogans in all lanes, by lanes of the territory. Internal rivalries and sporadic parochial disputes adding fuel to the fire. Every morning adding a new dimension to the tactics of guerrilla warfare, which even Guevara may have never dreamt of. This morning is no special with Self styled platoon commanders and their deeply adhering followers setting out to finish the day’s mission to please their satanic GOD.
Talking about the same village mentioned in the very outset, let’s see the scene of today’s morning there. Plan of action indicates that an innocent house and its inmates are going to meet their dooms day today. Execution starts with a knock on the door at 5 in the morning. Knock knock, a heavy knock .A little pause. Again a heavy knock and then every instrument of mannerism is broken down with the commander of band shouting blatantly to send the head of the family downstairs to them. By this time all the curtain should be ripped off for you also, since the inmates themselves have realized the terrifying nature of the condition. Eldest son of Grand Father says “they finally came here also…these Muslims can never be faithful to anyone. Where do we go now”…little folk of the house is still sleeping upstairs, enjoying the charming world of dreams. “Give us the head of family and we will spare you all. we will just have a piece of talk with him” sound is echoing all over. But everyone has fairly understood the nefarious design of the fighters to kill the head in front of whole family .this thought itself is making their Brains malfunction while shivering is getting more and more prominent. Everybody is shouting and trembling at the same time. Any new plans oozing out of the mind are getting again and again distorted by the thought that our own people have betrayed us. “How could He do this to us, I have taught his brother for years” is a repeated broken voice of the second eldest son of the family head. Dadiji is not uttering a word. She has gone into total oblivion. Peeping through the window, bearing the loud shouting of the invaders, looking to the adjoining neighbors houses(which all seem deserted, but are not really), trying to think hard to do something bu her gray matter has already surrendered to function. Mothers are getting hold of their kids. After 7 – 8 hours, everything is normal, perfectly silent, even more than what is required to be in a living house. The house standing tall for decades is dead now. All its inmates have deserted him and left him alone in the inferno to burn.


  1. this is not really a short story for which dogra had started this blog:)..but still i find there is some relevance of this story is more of an introduction...( based on a true story)

  2. Sheetal : This is what this blog is for . Putting out your true self . I put myself as living in a tree and killing a goat in the previous story and you here. I loved this saying :" In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. "

    Vocab for helping people like me ;-):

    inkling :a slight knowledge or vague notion

    populace : the common people , masses ,

    crucibles:a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development

    iconographies : pictorial material relating to or illustrating a subject

    parochial :confined or restricted as if within the borders of a parish , limited in range or scope (as to a narrow area or region)

    nefarious :flagrantly wicked or impious,evil

    inferno :a place or a state that resembles or suggests hell

  3. Very well written bhai . I can see the dripping emotions out of it. It reminded me of the song of Mission Kashmir : Dhuan Dhuan

    Yeh kisne aag daal di, hai narm narm ghaas par
    Likha hua hai zindagi, yahan har ek laash par

  4. kya baat hai dogra sahab.....full illustration de diya aapne to:))

  5. Wonderfully vivid...I do not know have any experience about Kashmir except for whatever is fed by the news...but to me the theme seems to be betrayal...just like the 2nd elder's students betrayed him...just like life betrayed the house....Kashmir has been betrayed by SOME of its people..

  6. too emotive to handle..i got tears in my long dried eyelids..
    i could really visualize the whole scene in front of my eyes n believe me with-holding that terrifying feeling even for a few minutes was life taking...

    The whole portrayal is really intensive and moving..

    Looking forward for the next post

  7. Hair-raising and thrilling post ...i wuld say written from heart ..the description is lively and makes u tremble with fear and the ruthlessness inflicted ..and also the apathy "Peeping through the window, bearing the loud shouting of the invaders, looking to the adjoining neighbors houses(which all seem deserted, but are not really),"...

    Superb post pandat .keep writing

  8. thanks every one for the feedback :) enjoy MAADI

  9. bhai sheetal very well written ....
    talks lot about problems people are stuck with over there...

  10. Awesome dude..very well written,,it's proven once again that some of us still remained as animals..that's very sad part of our evolution...