Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In every adult a child is hidden that wants to play

It was a cloudy day when for the last time Raghu had a fight with Anjali and he , in a childhood rage, returned home . At home, he saw his father's factory workers were helping them in packing their luggage. Upon inquiring, raghu came to know that they were shifting to other town. Before Raghu could go out and tell Anjali last goodbye, it started raining and he had to stay at home. In the morning, they left to the other town. Today again, was a murky day and Raghu's heart was beating at very high rate. It’s because of facebook, Raghu has found Anjali and now after twenty four years, he was again meeting her. Anjali was now a Manager in a big software company and Raghu was running his family business, which was as usual in loss. She had called raghu to the CCD at 5:00pm. Raghu reached earlier and now was eagerly waiting for her. Pondering over various thoughts on how she would treat him after these many years, being a manager in such a big company would she talk with me properly? 

Now it was 5:20pm and raghu was still alone on the table. He was disappointed and was about to get up when Anjali arrived. It didnt take any time for both of them to recognize each other. She felt sorry for reaching late. Before they could start their talk, Anjali's phone rang. It was her Boss and now she was on call explaining him the issues over the phone. While on the call, she gave order for the coffee and drank coffee on the call only. Raghu was just looking here and there as he thought that looking at her while she was busy talking won’t be a good gesture. Once she was done with the call, it was already 6:30pm and she again said sorry to Raghu. She had to leave as she had to drive for a long way and she had some calls at night again. She told Raghu that she would give him a ride, as he was also going in that direction. Raghu agreed and she started driving. Suddenly clouds roared and it started raining heavily. Anjali was driving slowly and they were talking about their childhood days. As it was raining, like cats and dogs, and they had moved out of the busy roads of the town, roads were empty. Suddenly Anjali shouted at Raghu to see something and she pointed towards some street kids dancing in rain on road side. All memories of their childhood started moving in a flashback manner. But before going much backward in the past, Anjali reversed her car. Raghu was unable to understand what she was trying to do. Without uttering a single word, Anjali parked the car near those kids. Removing her high heels and keeping her mobile on the back seat, she jumped out of the car and started dancing with them in the rain. She opened the door for Raghu and dragged him also it. The splash of waters, those rain droplets washed away everything. Both kept wallowing in the rain till it rained.

Moral:  It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

What do you think , which cloudy night had more significance for Raghu : the one which was responsible for  the separation or one which brought them back in his childhood days ??? 

Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan  


  1. eak dum pyaar bari batain kar rahe ho...kya baat hai:)

  2. night which brought them together holds more significance in his life

  3. According to me, the answer would depend on other factors such as, whether their relationship took a better turn or not..did he loose her after that night again..etc. Lets walk case wise...
    1) Still together- in this case I guess he would remember the night he lost her more...( for me memories of failure always linger further than of those of success).

    2)Lost her..- in this case he'll remember both nights equally...coz he lost her on both of those..

  4. ah !!! finally here you are with a story which signs off on a happy note with a cozy feeling....

    I think he will remember both the rainy nights equally...

    Difference is one memory will get him happy tears and other one will get him sad ones :)

    Life is a bandwagon of numerous experiences and our heart like a safe locker stores each of them in different portions with different keys...We unlock and relock them every now and then in wee hours and cherish them life-long always...

    Ireally like this one..

    For you first blog I am sort of speechless..nt clear on what kind of boggling effect it has left on me.

    will come back on it later..

    Take care.

  5. Raghu ko Short term memory loss ho gaya hai , so he unable to remember anything after 'x' interval of time :-) . Idhar day-night ka pata nahi aur tum log evening ki baat kar rahe ho .

    Jai Hind,