Thursday, February 10, 2011

Graveyard Magic

We both are sitting in a graveyard. It is 12 midnight. We talk for sometime.
I get to know that she is not going to accompany me all the time. So in order to
habituate my self for this condition, i start cutting off my self from her partially.
I stand up and started digging a grave. She watches me without saying anything.....

I take all the earth out and keep it adjacent to the grave. It is 3 am dead night. I jump into
the grave and lie down. Now I am able to see her only when she comes in the line-of-sight.
For some time I talk to her as she is in the LOS, but as the sunrise is about
to happen, she also starts moving a little oblique. By the time it is morning 6 am, she is
completely out of sight and has actually moved out of the graveyard compound. I am
still in the grave and feeling a little drowsy now.....

When the sun is fully up, I mean around 9 am in the morning, graveyard incharge guy
comes for regular inspection. While checking he comes to my grave and
to his surprise finds that this particular grave is open. He thinks that due to some
emergency reason the work would have been left unfinished and he finishes up the
remaining work....

All the earth which I had taken out and kept aside comes back into the grave, with me
getting dumped more and more every second....
In few minutes....the grave is closed...
Since then I am inside only. I have died long back.....

The closure of grave marks the end of my connection with her and the world. These layers
of soil on my face are a stark and unending demarcation. My eyes are filled with sand and
everything is so melancholic and hazy………


  1. Sheetal , my friend loneliness has taught you everything in this world , except how to forget
    ...... the person who made you feel L O N E L Y .

    Pull yourself out of that grave dude and start living a normal life , else You will become a total nutcase,a fruitcake, completely deranged, delusional, paranoid.Your information train is already jammed, man!!!

  2. hey bro...this is an old write up..had written it..while i was in worries:)..she is already out of my mind....but i may still be a fruitcake though:)

  3. i know that its an old writeup dude because you had shared this dream with me . i was in the next grave where all this happening .

    'A critic can only review the book he has read, not the one which the writer wrote.'

  4. Great write-up, am glad to have been able to read such stuff...

    It may have been inspired by a specific incident (and a romantic one ;-) as I can guess from the above comments)..but its generality somehow encompasses all of our lives.

    I feel dead to devoid of live.."living a lie"~ McCandless.
    At some point of time in our life, we have already died- what remains is a functioning machine, somehow wadding through time...

  5. @ nivi..."At some point of time in our life, we have already died- what remains is a functioning machine, somehow wadding through time..." nice thoughts...
    this was actually related to a real incident...but i am pretty stable now:)

  6. Sheetal , you said you are pretty stable . Thats awesome news bhai . So did you find anyone prettier than her. First love never dies dude. Mujh se pucho ko sabnam ke baad kya haal hua hai , jenna tho kya marna bhi behaal hua hai ..agar hindi mein darsaya jaye tho "मैं कभी कपड़े को तो कभी कपड़े से अपने आँखों को पोछता हूँ, कभी बैठे ही बैठे तो कभी खड़े होकर बड़े आश्चर्य से सोचता हूँ, कमबख्त ! उम्र के ढलान पे आकर दुनिया की भाषा सीख गया, जो हमेशा सच बोलता था आज देखो कैसे झूठ बोलना सीख गया, कल पहली बार था जब ये न रोया न इसके अंतर में कोई शूल गया, बरसों बाद जब मैं उस गली से गुजरा ये उसके घर का रस्ता भूल गया !! "