Sunday, February 20, 2011

Death of Nature

This is a diary entry made by me in 2009. Bangalore which always recorded not more than 23 degree was very hot on that day

8th April 2009, Bangalore, Morning 0615 hours, Temperature 32oC

I had always believed that April is a romantic month but today when I went out raging sun and hot air welcomed me. Sun didn't appear charming at all. It was right then I realized that I was standing in the cremation of Nature.

Nature which marked super-cool morning, pleasing afternoon, delightful evening and graveling nights, for a long time now, was leaving this earth to some unknown place, for reasons known to every mute spectator in the crowd here. She was here for quite a long time but her importance was always underestimated by greedy human minds. She was never considered a part of rising, so called evolutionary human civilization.

Today when I saw her, I found her helpless, depressed, battered and assailed by the harsh blows of so called evolutionary civilization. She was giving me deplorable looks, it appeared as if she was scanning past me and asking me queries for which I had no answers. She was mocking at my helpless of not being able to help her out. She looked suppressed under the load of over-ambitious human projects, only to satisfy human thirst.

The deafening roar of evolutionary human civilization was shouting at the top of its voice, trying to justify its existence, its presence, on the basis of false projected dreams, that they can survive without drawing any accord with nature. Humans have created an aura of ego around them, which has made them blind that they can’t even augur their end. Humans have engaged themselves so much in the flashy neon lights, mechanical wonders, cars, malls, that they have forgotten how it feels to be walking beside lake at night, gazing star, feeding hunger with fresh fruits, dancing in the rain, swimming in natural pools, discovering wild nature, straying into jungles and never ending joys in the company of nature.

Quest for money, fame, power and satisfaction of ego have made humans to voluntarily snap off all their ties with nature. Human life may be standing at the acme of their performance but they forget that from the top they are overlooking declivity.

Tomorrow onwards when nature will not be present anymore, we will not have cycle of seasons, we will have no blossoming of flowers, aromatizing of earth, mating of animals in spring, no rain will come down from clouds, no peacock will dance on seeing the clouds, no river will be seen bubbling with energy, no monsoon games will be played, no hot coffee will be served, no snow games will be played in winter, no trees will get new set of leaves, monotonic life will creep in, happy faces will disappear, dark gloomy dismal days will take over. At that moment humans will be left with nothing to satisfy their ego with. Earth once playground for happiness, love, sacrifice will become party to sad, avaricious, egoistic life.

At that moment standing on the verge of extinction and staring at our end fast approaching us, all the sophistication and etiquettes of this civilized society will finally stop haunting our minds and won’t compel us to act consciously anymore. All the masked faces will burn, all hypocrites will run for asylum but no one will be present to see this revival. At that moment even our most audacious, assiduous efforts won’t be respected by aggravated nature. The resonance of conflicting interests between human race and nature will destroy the whole existence of earth leaving no one behind for rebuilding.

Humans have miserably failed to understand the importance of living in perfect accord with nature.

It is only in the mysterious relationships of nature that one can find peace of mind, true happiness. If there is some relationship worth living up to, that is the relationship with altruist nature, where you can cultivate and reap anything selflessly and where you don’t have to hurt anyone. If nature today breaks away from human civilization the whole existence will come falling down. She provides us food, shelter happiness, accompaniment and teaches us love, affection, care, motherhood, family, relationship, kindness, forgiveness and teaches us not to hate, abhor, reject, hurt, harm. If we decide to break our ties with our preservers, then there is no question of our survival.

I don’t know if I will be present tomorrow to witness the sad demise of civilization but I do know it already began today.


  1. Pushpam : Someone rightly said 'A person who don't love his mother , can't love anyone' . And we are living in a world of Hippocrates and diplomats where we run thousands of programs to run toward 'Go green' but in reality we are really going for green and converting in into red . We devastated our forests, wild life, disturbed life chains, fingered ecological balance and all this , under the cover of this GO GREEN. I am myself a killer of nature so I think i should also not comment on it .

    Its really a nice writing .
    Just quoting two stanzas of linkin park : both are different songs

    God save us every one
    Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns
    For the sins of our hand
    The sins of our tongue
    The sins of our father
    The sins of our young


    God bless us everyone
    We're a broken people living under loaded gun
    And it can't be outfoght
    It can't be outdone
    It can't out matched
    It can't be outrun

    And when I close my eyes tonight
    To symphonies of blinding light
    Like memories in cold decay
    Transmissions echoing away
    Far from the world of you and I
    Where oceans bleed into the sky

  2. Its a mad world and its a dead civilization, there is no way to purge it or salvage it...logically speaking this is the correct course, every organism has declined at some point of time or the other, the same will happen with human civilization too...we have to go some day and this is the doom day...its our time to end...don't fight it...don't be sorry for it...don't bother trying to save it..just let it go.

  3. No Nivi, i dont agree with it . We can't just let it go .

    Here’s a traditional story that in my view sums up quite well the answer to your question:
    There was an old man who had a dream one night that he would be protected from a ravaging storm that would engulf his whole village.

    The next day, as expected, a terrible storm came to his region. The first day a neighbor of his offered help for him to flee – help that he denied since he was sure God was going to help him.
    The second day, when he had to take refuge in the second floor of his house given that the waters had taken over all of the first floor, a rescue team came to his house and offered him to get out of there – help that he again refused given that God had promised him to get out of there.
    The third day came a helicopter to rescue him but he was adamant that God was going to save him.
    Not long after he drowned and died. Once in heaven he complained to God: “why didn’t you help me as you promised?”
    To which God replied: ” I sent your neighbor, a rescue squad and even a helicopter to which you simply declined!”

    So its not destined to Die .

  4. But he still "refused" the help right? What was the end result? Death? Only during my lunch walk I was discussing with my friends that only end result matters...and destiny did play out..didn't it??

  5. Death is not the end .. Keep on dreaming and keep on believing, life is a continues journey , so is death . Since we dont know about whats on the other side of the life, we cant say its the end ..

  6. I believe that everything that starts has to end someday. Everything has expiry date so may be our expiry date is approaching.

  7. chalo , then lets celebrate our expiry date